• The Advantages of Double Glazing

    20 March 2020
  • If everyone in the UK who required double glazing got it fitted, we ‘d conserve around ₤ 700 million and the equivalent of around 740,000 families’ CO2 emissions. It’s an excellent investment for your house and carries a variety of benefits.

    Here are some of the advantages:-

    • Keep the heat in
    • Saving you cash on your heating bills
    • Keep the sound out
    • Included insulation will keep the sound out which is ideal if your home faces a bust main road or near a school
    • Decrease your carbon footprint
    • If less heat is getting away then your house then you will require less energy to keep it warm which in turn means fewer CO2 emissions
    • Maintenance totally free
    • A lot of the UPVC and double glazed windows you find on the marketplace nowadays are guaranteed and take little maintenance or up-keep
    • A lot of various styles
    • There are now a great deal of various designs offered for you to pick from to match the style of your home – even if you wish to maintain the initial window you can still opt for secondary glazing which sits behind the initial window and carries similar advantages to double glazing
    • These factors combine to imply that you’ll make annual cost savings of around ₤ 175 each year.

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