Stained Glass and Decorative Options with uPVC Windows

There are lots of methods to improve the appearance of brand-new uPVC windows if you want something a little different or to reproduce your existing windows.

Leaded glass

Leaded glass can be fitted in simply the top of the windows (fanlights) or in the entire window depending upon the consumers choice. Lots of people select to have it suited the fanlights as it enhances the window without obscuring the view through the primary pane of glass. Leaded glass typically includes around ₤ 50 per square metre to the expense of your new windows.

Astragal Bars

Astragal bars are added to the window to offer the appearance of original glazing bars that would each house a separate pane of glass. They are fitted to the window and stand pleased with the glass, a back to back spacer is fitted to the within the glass. These can be fitted in a range of patterns with either a single vertical bar for a minimal look or a grid pattern to replicate original Georgian windows. Astragal bars can be around 20 to 30% more costly than basic windows.

Georgian bars

Georgian bars are fitted to the inside of the double glazed unit, they are more cost effective variation of astragal bars. Georgian bars can likewise be suited a range of patterns and are readily available in an option of colours to match the selected window. Georgian bars typically cost around an additional ₤ 40 to ₤ 50 a square metre depending on the colour.

Stained Glass

When picking stained glass for your windows, there are a few options. If you have existing stained glass in your windows we can remove it, tidy, restore it and reglaze it into brand-new double glazed systems. You can use the original or custom pattern and duplicate it into your brand-new windows. Colours can be matched precisely to give you the most authentic appearance possible.

Tarnished glass rates vary depending upon the size of the window, for a basic stained glass fanlight the extra rate would be around ₤ 30 to ₤ 50 per fanlight to reproduce a pattern. Initial stained glass that is being reglazed can vary significantly depending on the size and condition of the glass.

Bevelled Glass

Bevelled glass includes a raised style to the glass, it provides an elegant look to panes of glass and is popular in fanlights, doors and conservatories. Bevelled glass tends to catch the light and can use a very custom look to your uPVC windows and doors.

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Stained Glass
Stunning Stained Glass Window in a Home

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