Measuring For Blinds

The first thing to do when measuring for your mini
blinds is to figure out if you need within install or
outside mount. Inside mount will fit the blinds
within the window frame, while outside mount will
fit the overlap of the window opening.

Inside install
To find the width, measure the precise distance in between
the inside surface areas of the window frame at the top,
middle, and also the bottom then utiliSe the narrowest
width you get with your measurements.

To find the length, determine the specific distance
from the inside surface area at the top of the window
to the bottom sill at the left, middle, and the
Then utilize the longest length. If you choose
for the blinds not to touch the windowsill, you
need to deduct 1/4″. If there isn’t a sill, then
you should determine the length to the point where
the blinds are to reach.

Outside install
To find the width, determine the precise range
in between the outer points where the blinds are
to be put. For the very best of light control, the
measurement needs to extend 3/4″ beyond the window
opening on each side.

To discover the length, determine the exact range
from where the top of the blinds are to be put
to the top of the windowsill. If there isn’t a.
sill on your window, then determine the length to.
the point where the blinds are to reach.

Measuring for your blinds is really important, as.
you’ll need the measurements to purchase the blinds.
Many companies will subtract for the brackets at.
the factory, then all you’ll need to do as soon as.
you receive your blinds is to install them –
which is easy to do also.

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