Is it Time for New Windows?

The age of your windows

If your windows are over 15 years old, the possibilities are that they are nearly prepared to be changed. They might not look too bad from a distance but brand-new uPVC windows are much more advanced in regards to security, energy effectiveness and ease of use.

Gaps around the window or unsteady frames

It could be that your windows were fitted by the previous owners If they were done cheaply the opportunities are they are badly fitted. Even the best window worldwide will not perform efficiently if they not been repaired in firmly or effectively sealed.

Damaged hinges and locks

Many consumers do not understand how much the expense of high quality locks and hinges contribute to the rate of windows. If you are splashing out on new locks, are your windows strong enough to fit the locks into?

Allowing lots of noise through

When we change our consumers windows, the first thing they state is “it’s so peaceful”. Solitude in your home is important, it’s very easy to get used to background sound without understanding it.

The frames are decaying

This is a clear indication that your windows have actually had their day. If your frames have got to this phase, it is time to dig deep and start getting quotes for brand-new windows.

It’s time for a change

With the wide variety of designs and colour options available, new windows and doors truly can alter the whole look of your house. Take time to consider what design your are searching for.

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